Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Hunks to tempt my muse in '09.

13. Mathew McFadyen
12. Mark Consuelos
11. Norbert Leo Butz
10. Adam Pascal
9. Anthony Rapp
8. Eric Dane
7. Gerard Butler
6. Mathew McConaughey
5. Hugh Jackman
4. Richard Gere
3. Jon Hamm
2. Patrick Dempsey
1. My Hubby :)


  1. I only recognize a few of those names, but can agree with you on those I know. Glad to see another diva keeping the TT tradition alive!

  2. Hubby is definitely the best!

    Happy New Year!


    I've got a New Year's Hunk on my blog at

  3. Yummy, the names I know I agree on!! Especially nr. 1 (MY hubby of course! LOL).
    My new TT is up too: 13 online pet peeves!

  4. oh la la! what a list!
    mine's up over at the lost world!
    happy tt!