Saturday, January 17, 2009

Being Stuck Sucks

I really don't think it deserves to be any more eloquent than that.

No, I don't have writer's block. In fact, I think I have writer's there such a thing?

Since my revelation, I attempted to put it to work...with disastrous results. I now feel like there is so much going on, I don't have a story - I have chaos.

I took a few days away so I could get my perspective back and figure out where I made that wrong turn. Turns out it was about five chapters ago. In terms of writing, that's a looooong time ago. It means a lot of rewriting before I can go on. It's a dauntless and scary task. I think that's why I've been putting it off. I read a book to refill that creative well, and I've been pondering the problem before me.

The issue is...I tried to stick far too many short story threads into one place, and the characters are running around with no true direction...sort of like the proverbial chicken lacking it's head.

Now I must figure out which of these short story threads needs to take place NOW. Which one is going to propel the story forward in a believable manner? I still can't figure it out. I think I need to write down all of these short threads onto index cards and arrange them that way. Perhaps seeing them spelled out will make it a bit more clear.

Until then, my poor characters are left at the intersection of at least four differenr roads, our hero tapping his foot impatiently with an insolent stare on his face, while our heroine rolls her eyes and places her hands on her hips in haughty indignation at being held up.

Perhaps I should give them a sex scene so they leave me alone to ponder this out...

For anyone who ever thought writer's block was bad? You've obviously never experienced this - having so much to write and no ability to write is a far more acute torture than staring at a blank screen with a blank mind.


  1. You may want to try mind mapping or something like that. If you want, send me an email and I'll send you some notes, etc. on it. It helped me figure out my story. :)

  2. Yeah, thanks! I'll e-mail you this afternoon :)

    I'm currently reading Lukeman's As The Plot Thickens, and that's helping me a ton too. The journey bit is really helping out...I need to get that other book - Vogler, I think it was?